4 to 23 Month Old Sleep Support

Are you a sleep-deprived parent seeking solutions for your child’s sleep struggles? Is your little one aged between 4 to 23 months, finding it difficult to sleep independently? Are you ready to make a change and improve the quality of rest for both you and your child?

If you answered yes to these questions, our Classic Baby Sleep Package is designed just for you.

This comprehensive, two-week program aims to achieve three key goals:

  • Develop independent sleep skills in your child, allowing them to self-soothe and fall asleep without constant assistance.
  • Establish a consistent sleep routine, providing structure and predictability for both you and your little one.
  • Improve the overall quality of sleep for the entire family, ensuring that everyone wakes up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Classic Baby Sleep Package

An all-inclusive, two-week sleep program for babies 4 to 23 months old. Ideal for babies who have hit the four month sleep regression!

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current sleep habits and day-to-day routines
  • Personalized sleep plan that provides a complete strategy for teaching your baby to sleep on their own
  • One hour sleep plan consultation (via phone, Google Meet or FaceTime)
  • Text support until your baby falls asleep on the first night
  • Four follow up calls
  • Sleep tracker with daily analysis and feedback
  • Two weeks of daily text support within business hours
Already have an independent sleeper, but could still use some support? Whether you’re planning a big trip, transitioning to daycare, or just want some guidance about your baby’s schedule, The Independent Sleeper Support Call is for you.

The Independent Sleeper Support Call

A 30 minute support call for parents of independent sleepers 4 months to 5 years old.

  • 30 minute phone or video call to review strategies on how to handle your concern(s) regarding your baby’s sleep
  • Ideal for support during nap transitions, schedule changes, preparing for travel, transitioning to daycare etc.
Read what other parents have to say


“If I was able to give Slumber and Shine more than 5 stars I would! My son had not slept through the night in 14 months and I was 32 weeks pregnant when we started with Slumber and Shine. The experience was nothing short of amazing. Not only did Phoebe guide us every step of the way and answer all of our questions but, she was able to teach us how to be successful parents when it came to independent sleep. Our son went from not sleeping through the night to sleeping 12 hours on his own in 3 nights! Highly highly highly recommend!”

“Phoebe is amazing!! I was so nervous about sleep training our 5-month-old twins, especially about getting rid of my son’s paci. With Phoebe’s help, he went from 6-8 night wakings to self-soothing back to sleep in a day. It was incredible. Now both kids sleep from 6-6:30 and my husband and I can’t believe this is our life! Phoebe makes herself so available that it was like having her there with us to troubleshoot any tiny doubt or question we were thinking through. It was so reassuring, and made the process feel (can’t believe I can use this word) easy. I’m so grateful we got to work with her!”

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