Balancing Bedtime Routines with Multiple Kids

by | Nov 10, 2023

Embracing the chaos of bedtime routines with multiple children is a task I’m both professionally and personally versed in! I know the delicate dance of tucking in siblings, each with their individual quirks and comforts.

With lots of personal and professional experience, here is what I have found makes the experience easier:

Understanding Individual Needs

The first step in conquering the bedtime routine for multiple children is to recognize and respect their individuality.

From my own experience with my two kids, I’ve learned that their distinct personalities shine even brighter at bedtime, and what works for one might not work for the other. It’s about finding a balance that caters to each child’s needs while keeping a family schedule.

Synchronized or Staggered Approach?

Synchronized Schedules: Syncing sleep times can simplify the process, although it might take some effort to find what works best for your family.

Staggered Approach: When aligning bedtimes doesn’t work, staggering them can be effective. This may mean putting the youngest child to bed first and allowing the older one some quiet time before starting their bedtime routine. This method can help manage your time and give your full attention to each child’s needs.

Routine is King

Consistency is crucial, and I preach (and practice) the power of a set routine. Even if your children’s bedtimes don’t precisely align, their individual routines can provide the structure necessary to signal that sleep is near. 

Setting Clear Expectations

It’s important for children to know what to expect at bedtime. We don’t want any surprises! In my home, we talk about bedtime routines and responsibilities so everyone knows their role and what to expect, which helps the evening go more smoothly. 

Bedtime as a Collective Experience

Sometimes, bringing everyone together for a bedtime story or cuddle can make bedtime feel special, particularly when one parent is handling bedtime alone.

The Secret Ingredient: Flexibility

I always remind my clients—and myself—to be flexible. Adaptability is key to managing the unexpected curveballs parenting throws your way. Not every bedtime will be perfect, and that is a-okay!

In Conclusion 

The path to a smooth bedtime with multiple children isn’t one-size-fits-all. By embracing both routine and flexibility, you can create an evening that supports each child’s sleep needs while also maintaining your own sanity. And remember, it’s okay for this to be a work in progress.

If this resonates with you and you’re looking for personalized advice or support as you fine-tune your family’s nighttime routine, I’m here to help. With a sibling discount available, I’m committed to ensuring every child—and consequently, every parent—gets the restful sleep they deserve.

Let’s chat about your family’s needs and set a course for peaceful nights ahead.

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How to manage and balance bedtime routines with multiple children!
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